Fall 2015 Pre-departure Orientation

PreDep Orientation Fall 15 DarkMake Your Journey to Your American University Smooth and Hassle-Free

So, you cracked the GRE and TOEFL exams and secured your coveted admit. Perhaps you even cleared the dreaded visa interview. Congratulations! But are you really ready to go? Not quite. One thing remains to be done – you and your parents have to attend Dilip Oak’s Academy’s Pre-departure Orientation for Fall 2014. Here’s why.

What is the Pre-Departure Orientation (and What’s It For)?

If you are joining an American university in fall 2015 and want to make travelling there (and the process of settling in) an organized, tension-free process, then Dilip Oak’s Academy’s Pre-Departure Orientation is a must for you and your parents. There are several matters that you have to think through and preparations you and your parents have to make before you can begin your education in America. The orientation will explain them all. For example:

  • Accommodation – where are you going to stay when you land up in America? Is there someone who can help you get temporary accommodation until you find more permanent accommodation of your own? And what important points should you consider when looking for a good place to stay?
  • Insurance – should you take Indian or American medical and travel insurance policies? Which one is better and for what purpose?
  • Travel and Other Formalities – are you aware of the foreign exchange and airport formalities, the port of entry procedures? Did you know that you have to get a Social Security Number when you join your universities? Also, are medical check-ups or any immunizations required?
  • Documents – which ones must you carry with you? Which ones should you keep at home? And what’s the best place to keep your passport and traveler’s cheques?
  • Planning for Emergencies and Other Situation – suppose your baggage is lost or reaches you only after several days, how do you manage then? Or, if you got your luggage did you remember that you would need American coins to get a luggage trolley? And did you remember to arrange to be picked up”
  • Food, Groceries and Cooking – your mother is going to be worried about how you are going to survive when you get to America. So, should you take every single kitchen vessel that she gives you and, what about all the papad, pickle and masala she is planning to load you up with? Can you get it all there instead or, only some of it? What should you take with you then? And what about cooking lessons?

That’s just a sample of the things you have to think through but, by now you probably have got the picture.

So, in the Oak’s pre-departure orientation program, Mr. Oak will guide you through all the complexities of going to America, adapting to your new environment and settling in there. He will even cover such day-to-day matters as driving and commuting, seeing doctors and what medicines to take. He will even get into clothing and laundry. With his decades of experience in the field and as a public speaker, he will make it an extremely informative and interesting program which you and your parents must attend.

What are the Other Benefits of Attending?

1. Get a free book with all the information in it
At the orientation, you will be given ‘Get Set to Go’, a booklet written by Mr. Dilip Oak, which explains all these matters in detail – so, even after the orientation, you have a written guide to go back to any time you have a doubt.

  1. Meet other students going to your university
    At the end of the program we form groups of students joining the same university so that you can make joint travel plans and staying arrangements at the university.
  1. Get contact details of seniors at your university
    To get this information, when you come to get your pass, simply fill up a form with your contact details and we will email you the details around a week after the orientation. With this information in hand, you will be able to contact your seniors in advance and ask them for help to:
  • schedule airport pick-up
  • make temporary housing arrangements and
  • help you cope with the initial settling process

PreDep Orientation ScheduleWho can Attend?

This orientation is for students (and parents of students) who are joining American universities in the fall 2015 semester. Please note however: you will be able to attend only if you (or your child) has received confirmed admission to an American university for the fall 2015 semester. To get passes for the program therefore, show the I-20 form issued by your university (or your stamped F1 visa).

When and Where is the Orientation?

Date: Sunday, 14 June 2015
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Venue: Ganesh Kala Krida Auditorium, Near Swargate Bus Stand, Pune – 411051

Where Can I Get Passes?

You can contact our office for entry passes from 1st June.