Types of Transcripts – and Why you Need Them

Some universities accept only university transcripts; others accept college transcripts or even an attested mark sheet. Some universities require you to submit 2 transcripts. It is very important that you read the American university requirements carefully before applying. Make sure you do not send them the wrong document type as it will delay the admission process.
These are issued by the university your college is affiliated to e.g. M.I.T. College in Pune is affiliated to Pune University. If you are a student of that college and the American university you are applying to requires university transcripts, you should get transcripts from Pune University.

University Transcripts:

University transcripts are on the university letterhead and bear the signature of the Registrar/Controller of Examinations and the university seal. To see process for getting transcripts from Pune university click here

College Transcripts:

These are issued by the college on the college letterhead and bear the signature of the Registrar or Principal of the college and the college seal.

University Attested Mark sheets:

Some American universities ask for mark sheets attested by the university (college attestation is not acceptable). If this is the case with the university you are applying to, you will have to get semester wise mark sheets which have been attested by the university.

Important Note:
If you have completed your degree course, include the degree certificate along with transcripts without fail. If you haven’t received the degree certificate include a provisional certificate.This includes ‘year down’ and ‘back log’ mark sheets, if any (for those of you not familiar with Pune university slang, ‘year down’ refers to a year which you have failed and so have been kept back and backlog refers to a subject in which you have failed and so have to give the examination for again). So, do not throw away your back log and year down mark sheets.

How Many Copies of the Transcript and Other Documents Should I Get?

To cover the requirements of the 8 or so universities you will be applying to, it is generally advisable to obtain:

  • 5-6 university transcripts (one original and the rest attested copies) – a fee is generally charged for these
  • 10-15 college transcripts – generally given free
  • 1 semester-wise mark sheet (attested by the university)

Keep in mind that you should have some extra copies in hand since these will be required if you change universities or apply for a further program (e.g. a doctoral degree after your Master’s degree).

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