Time to rejoice: Trump administration revokes the rule regarding online classes for fall semester

A huge relief for International students

Indian students can now heave a sigh of relief as the Trump administration has finally revoked the new visa rule that required International students taking fully online classes in the US for the fall semester, to return to their home countries.

In our last blog dated 08/07/2020, we wrote in detail about the new rule and its possible repercussions on existing and new students aspiring to go to the US.

Soon after the announcement of this rule on July 6, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and many other institutes as well top American IT companies had filed lawsuits against the administration, seeking reversal of the rule. In response to these lawsuits, the Boston Federal Court revoked this rule on Tuesday, and asked the immigration authorities to pull the directive and return to the “status quo.”

Another factor that contributed to the reversal of the rule is the fact that a whooping number of international students join US universities every year and provide the required tuition revenue. International students contribute billions of dollars to the US economy every year. Sustenance of the new rule would have plummeted the enrollment and subsequently led to a deep financial crisis for the universities as well the country.

Now that rule has been revoked, international students, including Indian students, will be able to stay in the US even if they are pursuing online classes for the fall 2020 semester. New students who are in the process of joining the US universities for spring 2021 sessions will also be able to smoothly continue their visa process and education in the US.

University Application Deadlines For Fall 2020

The application season is on and December is just around the corner. Here is our much-awaited blog for university application deadlines for fall 2020.



Following a list of universities with deadlines ranging from November 2019 all the way up to July 2020. At the end is a section on universities with rolling deadlines (click here to find out what is meant by rolling deadlines).

We have compiled a list of university deadlines with utmost care. However, remember that US universities may update deadlines on their websites at different times during the academic year so, we request you to cross-check the dates on official websites of the university.

University Deadline
Deadlines in November
University of South Carolina, Columbia 1-Nov
University of Pennsylvania 15-Nov
Deadlines in December
Arizona State University 1-Dec
Howard University 1-Dec
University of Colorado, Boulder 1-Dec
Mass Institute of Technology 15-Dec
Temple University 15-Dec
University of California, Irvine 15-Dec
University of California, San Diego 15-Dec
University of California, Santa Barbara 15-Dec
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign 15-Dec
Deadlines in January
Dartmouth College 1-Jan
Duke University 1-Jan
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2-Jan
Kansas State University 8-Jan
Washington State University, Pullman 10-Jan
Carnegie Mellon University 15-Jan
George Washington University 15-Jan
Northeastern University, Boston 15-Jan
Texas Tech University 15-Jan
Tufts University 15-Jan
University of Central Florida 15-Jan
University of Cincinnati 15-Jan
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 15-Jan
University of Pittsburgh 15-Jan
University of Southern California 15-Jan
University of Virginia, Charlottesville 15-Jan
Vanderbilt University 15-Jan
Indiana University 31-Jan
Deadlines in February
Case Western Reserve University 1-Feb
Ohio University 1-Feb
Oklahoma State University 1-Feb
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa 1-Feb
University of Florida, Gainesville 1-Feb
University of Kentucky 1-Feb
Western Illinois University 1-Feb
Columbia University 15-Feb
Florida Atlantic University 15-Feb
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology 15-Feb
Polytechnic Institute of New York University, Brooklyn 15-Feb
South Dakota School of Mines & Tech 15-Feb
University of Illinois Chicago 15-Feb
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth 15-Feb
University of Montana 15-Feb
University of Rochester 15-Feb
University of San Francisco 15-Feb
University of South Florida 15-Feb
Deadlines in March
California State University, Sacramento 1-Mar
California State University, Chico 1-Mar
Central Michigan University 1-Mar
City University of New York 1-Mar
Colorado School of Mines 1-Mar
Idaho State University 1-Mar
New Mexico State University 1-Mar
Portland State University 1-Mar
San Francisco State University 1-Mar
State University of New York, Albany 1-Mar
Texas Technological University 1-Mar
University of Alaska Fairbanks 1-Mar
University of Nebraska Lincoln 1-Mar
University of Oklahoma, Tulsa 1-Mar
University of Texas, El Paso 1-Mar
Boston University 15-Mar
Brown University 15-Mar
Chicago State University 15-Mar
University of Texas Arlington 15-Mar
Deadlines in April
Arkansas State University 1-Apr
California State University, Fullerton 1-Apr
California State University, Los Angeles 1-Apr
Idaho State University 1-Apr
Oregon State University 1-Apr
San Diego State University 1-Apr
San Jose State University 1-Apr
University of North Texas 1-Apr
University of Oklahoma 1-Apr
University of Texas, San Antonio 1-Apr
University of Utah 1-Apr
University of Virginia 1-Apr
Virginia Tech 1-Apr
West Virginia University 1-Apr
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo 1-Apr
Wichita State University 1-Apr
California State University, Long Beach 15-Apr
Clemson University 15-Apr
Georgia State Univ 15-Apr
Louisiana State University 15-Apr
Old Dominion University 15-Apr
South Dakota State University 15-Apr
Stevens Institute of Technology 15-Apr
University of Georgia 15-Apr
Youngstown State University 15-Apr
Deadlines in May
Clarkson University 1-May
Eastern Michigan University 1-May
Grand Valley University 1-May
Illinois State University 1-May
Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis 1-May
Minnesota State University 1-May
Mississippi State University 1-May
New Jersey Institute of Technology 1-May
North Carolina State University 1-May
Northern Illinois University 1-May
Tennessee Technological University 1-May
University of Dayton 1-May
University of Idaho 1-May
University of Louisville 1-May
University of Memphis 1-May
University of Michigan, Dearborn 1-May
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 1-May
University of New Haven 1-May
University of New Mexico 1-May
University of North Dakota 1-May
University of Texas Dallas 1-May
Wayne State University 1-May
Boise State University 15-May
Cleveland State University 15-May
Montana State University 15-May
Southern Methodist University 15-May
University of Colorado, Denver 15-May
University of Louisiana, Lafayette 15-May
University of Tennessee, Knoxville 15-May
Lawrence Technological University 26-May
California State University, Northridge 31-May
Deadlines in June
California State University, East Bay 1-Jun
California State University, Fresno 1-Jun
Louisiana Technological University 1-Jun
Middle Tenn State University 1-Jun
North Dakota State University 1-Jun
Santa Clara University 1-Jun
Syracuse University 1-Jun
Texas A & M University, Kingsville 1-Jun
Texas State University 1-Jun
University of Alabama, Huntsville 1-Jun
University of Arizona 1-Jun
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 1-Jun
University of Arkansas, Little Rock 1-Jun
University of California, Riverside 1-Jun
University of Detroit, Mercy 1-Jun
University of Houston, Clear Lake 1-Jun
University of Illinois, Springfield 1-Jun
University of Massachusetts, Boston 1-Jun
University of New Orleans 1-Jun
University of Southern Mississippi 1-Jun
Florida Institute of Technology 8-Jun
Drexel University 13-Jun
Auburn University 15-Jun
California State University, Northridge 15-Jun
Illinois Institute of Technology 15-Jun
Kent State University 15-Jun
Marist College, Poughkeepsie 15-Jun
Missouri University of Science & Technology 15-Jun
Tulane University 15-Jun
Villanova University 30-Jun
Deadlines in July
Florida International University 1-Jul
Florida State University 1-Jul
George Mason University 1-Jul
Lamar University 1-Jul
New York Institute of Technology 1-Jul
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville 1-Jul
State University of New York, Albany 1-Jul
University of South Alabama 1-Jul
Monmouth University 15-Jul
Oakland University 15-Jul
University of Bridgeport 15-Jul
University of Connecticut 15-Jul
Rolling Deadlines
Kettering University Rolling
Marquette University Rolling
Michigan Technological University Rolling
Oklahoma City University Rolling
Rochester Institute of Technology Rolling
State University of New York, Binghamton Rolling
University of Akron Rolling
University of Alabama, Birmingham Rolling
University of Denver Rolling
University of Massachusetts, Lowell Rolling
University of North Carolina, Charlotte Rolling
University of Tulsa Rolling
Worchester Polytechnic University Rolling
Wright State University Rolling