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  1. Dilip Oak's Academy April 5, 2022 / 10:04 am

    Correct Answers: C & E

    Blank (i) Explanation:
    The clue for Blank (i) can be found in the phrase ‘as they are passed down from generation to generation’, which indicates that cultural adaptations are being passed down from parents to children. The correct answer choice should incorporate this idea of passing on or imparting.
    Blank (ii) Explanation:
    The first sentence starts with ‘The key point of contention for sociologists’. The next sentence tells us what this contention is: ‘not about whether culture matters, but about whether culture is or ever could be an independent and self-sustaining factor’. Since there is a disagreement over the role culture plays in poverty, the correct answer choice must refer to contention or disagreement.

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