Deadlines for Spring 2014 in this Month (Oct 13)

The application season is on, December is just round the corner …and the deadlines for spring 2014 are drawing to a close. So here are the deadlines for spring that are falling due in this month.

Important Question: “Do you know which university you should apply to?”

A deadline is of use only if you know what university you should apply to. For those of you who are not too clear, here is how to decide:

1. Talk to seniors and decide which specialization you should apply for (examples: Networking, Data Bases etc. for Computer Engineers; Digital Signal Processing, VLSI etc. for Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers; MEMS, Robotics etc. for Mechanical Engineers)

2. To find out which universities or colleges offer the specialization you want, go to and look up your college or university in the University Information feature. All you have to do is select a university from the list of the top 220 provided (these have been selected by Mr. Dilip Oak) and you will get a list of departments and courses available. Click here to see. Registration is free and is open to all! (For more details on how to select a university see our ‘Selecting the Right American University for Your MS in the US’ blog)

3. To plan your application process, check the general deadlines given in this blog. This will give you an idea of how much time you have and how to go about applying.

4. For the exact departmental deadline click the URL at the bottom of the University Information page for that university in This will give you a more precise idea of how to plan your application process (see our Timeline Application Timeline for Spring 2014 blog to see more specifically how you should go about applying)

Good luck and if your university is not in the list provided, keep looking for it. We will be updating this blog.

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Deadlines in October

  1. California State University, Sacramento – 1 Oct
  2. Case Western Reserve University – 1 Oct
  3. Eastern Michigan University – 1 Oct
  4. Illinois State University, Normal – 1 Oct
  5. Minnesota State University, Mankato – 1 Oct
  6. Northern Illinois University, DeKalb – 1 Oct
  7. Oklahoma State University, Still Water – 1 Oct
  8. Old Dominion University, Norfolk – 1 Oct
  9. Oregon State University, Corvallis – 1 Oct
  10. Pennsylvania State University, University Park – 1 Oct
  11. Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville – 1 Oct
  12. State University of New York, Stony Brook – 1 Oct
  13. Stevens Institute of Technology – 1 Oct
  14. Tennessee Technological University – 1 Oct
  15. University of Arkansas, Little Rock – 1 Oct
  16. University of Colorado, Denver – 1 Oct
  17. University of Detroit, Mercy – 1 Oct
  18. University of Houston, University Park – 1 Oct
  19. University of Idaho, Moscow – 1 Oct
  20. University of Iowa, Iowa City – 1 Oct
  21. University of Louisiana, Lafayette – 1 Oct
  22. University of Massachusetts, Amherst – 1 Oct
  23. University of Nevada, Las Vegas – 1 Oct
  24. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque – 1 Oct
  25. University of North Carolina, Charlotte – 1 Oct
  26. University of Texas, Arlington – 1 Oct
  27. University of Virginia, Charlottesville – 1 Oct
  28. West Virginia University, Morgan Town – 1 Oct
  29. Worcester Polytechnic Institute – 1 Oct
  30. California State University, Long Beach – 15 Oct
  31. California State University, Los Angeles – 15 Oct
  32. Duke University –15 Oct
  33. Marquette University – 15 Oct
  34. Texas State University – 15 Oct
  35. University of Georgia – 15 Oct
  36. University of South Florida, Tampa – 15 Oct
  37. Villanova University – 15 Oct
  38. California State University, Fullerton – 17 Oct