Pre Departure Orientation For Fall 2014

You have successfully given your GRE and TOEFL/IELTS exams. And now, after all these efforts you have your admission letter and I-20 form in hand. After months of preparation you are finally ready to embark on one of your most significant journeys in life. However, there are several important issues that you need to deal with in order to prepare you to travel to the US. Our pre-departure orientation session will therefore guide you through these final steps. Following is some important information regarding the pre-departure session.

What is pre departure orientation?
Pre-departure Orientation is a very useful session organized by Dilip Oak’s Academy for students joining US universities. This orientation session is conducted twice a year, for spring and fall semesters and is designed to provide important basic information to prepare you for a successful departure.

The main purpose of this program is to explain to you regulations relating to Airport formalities, Foreign Exchange, Medical Checkup and Insurance, Immunization Documentation, Port of Entry Procedure and other practical matters including what you need to carry with you to America. It also includes important tips to help you to adapt and settle into your new environment after landing and joining the university. Issues such as opening a bank account, getting health insurance, and general matters relating to life in USA (food, commuting, housing, doctors, etc.) is thoroughly covered in these sessions. In addition, you will be given ‘Get Set to Go’, a booklet written by Mr. Dilip Oak, which explains all these matters in detail.

Who can attend?
The Pre-departure Orientation is only for those students (and their parents) who have received a confirmed admission. It is therefore necessary that the students have their I-20 forms issued by the university (or stamped F1 visa) in order to attend the Pre-departure orientation session.

What are the benefits of attending?
We understand that most of you are new to international travel and several of you are travelling on an airplane for the first time. It is therefore very important to be familiar with crucial issues such as transit formalities, general protocols at international airports, etc., which can frequently be a source of confusion. Information about making future arrangements such as getting proper housing, leasing agreements, food joints, buying grocery, etc. will be covered in the pre-departure orientation. These sessions are also an excellent opportunity to connect with other students. We make groups of students joining the same university, which helps the students to travel together and also in arranging for an apartment after reaching the university. We also provide contact details of seniors studying at the prospective university so that new students can contact them in advance. Getting in touch with seniors is helpful for the new students to make temporary housing arrangements, scheduling airport pick-up, and generally coping with the initial settling process.

This fall (2014) the pre departure orientation is scheduled on 29th June 2014 at the Ganesh Kala Krida Auditorium, Near Swargate Bus Stand, Pune at 5:30 pm. Those Joining US Universities in fall 2014 can contact our office for entry passes from 20th June.