GRE News: Now Available from ETS The Official GRE App

Ripples from the smart phone revolution started by technology giant Apple are spreading out everywhere. Apps for mobiles for a variety of organizations and services are being rolled out in increasing numbers. Now, the ETS has got onto the band wagon with its launch of the first-ever official GRE® test prep mobile app on the App Store.

According to the ETS, the app, which is based on the second edition of The Official Guide to the GRE® Revised General Test, gives users access to authentic GRE® test questions from past administrations of the test, answers and explanations by ETS and the ETS’s own tips and strategies for the GRE®.

With the app users can quiz themselves, track their progress with category-specific results, and even count down the days left till their test date. Two versions of the app are currently available:

  • The app starter pack ($4.99) which features:
    • an overview of the GRE revised General Test
    • 50 real test questions
    • tips for answering each question type
    • writing tasks with sample responses and scoring guides.
  • The in-app expansion pack ($19.99) features:
    • 250 additional real test questions
    • additional writing tasks
    • a GRE Math Review

Using the app will allow users to get used to the new design features of the Revised General GRE. These include the fact that students can look at all the questions in a section (so they can decide which questions they want to do first) and the ability to mark and skip questions to come back to later and change answers (note: all this is only within a section). Using the app test takers will be able to formulate an overall strategy for handling each section of the test.

Currently, The Official GRE® Guide app which was developed by gWhiz and co-published by ETS and McGraw-Hill, is available only for iPhone® and iPad® devices. If you want to purchase the app, you can visit the app StoreSM. The ETS says that a version of its App for Android platforms is coming soon.

For more information about the Official GRE Guide app and the full array of ETS’s GRE test preparation tools you visit


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