Great FREE Application Tools on DOA Online: Part 3 – Question & Answer Forum

Question & Answer Forum

Question & Answer Forum

– What are transcripts?
– When should I register for the GRE test?
– Where can I find university deadlines?
– From whom do I need to take recommendation letters?

The list of questions that come up when you are applying to American universities is endless. Most probably you won’t know where to look for solutions or, whom to ask for the answers. That’s where the next of our great free application tools comes in – the DOA ONLINE Q&A FORUM.


On the Q&A Forum (click screenshot below for enlarged view) you can:

  • ask any questions you have regarding the application process for American universities
  • get answers and expert advice from the academy (look for answers by the admin!)
  • get valuable tips and insights from other registered users – since they have gone through the same situations and problems, their advice is often the best: no one understands your situation better than those traveling on the same path!
  • consult the vast database of questions and answers already on the Q&A forum.

Here are some question and answers that have come up previously (click on the question to view answer):

1. What are financial aid deadline and rolling deadlines?

2. What is an Affidavit of Support?

3. Can I show support from more than one sponsor?

4. What is the difference between official transcripts, college transcripts and university transcripts?

5. What is credential evaluation and whom should I get it from?

6. I do not have a credit card, can I use an international debit card?

7. University Selection: Which university should I go for? (TTU vs UTD)

8. What is Personal Potential Index (P.P.I.)? Can I have some information about ETS P.P.I.?

9. Which top ranked universities offer MIS course?

10. I have lost my original GRE score card, how do I get a duplicate from ETS. Also can I get it free of cost?

So, as you can see, on the forum you can discuss your queries with others and get timely answers. It will give you vital help in crossing the various hurdles you come across while applying for higher education in USA – and the Q&A forum is absolutely free! Others have already benefited from this free application tool, so why be left out? Go ahead, register – and make the application process easier for yourself! Tell your friends about it too – they don’t have to be students at the Academy to benefit.

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