Great FREE Application Tools on DOA Online: Part 1 – the University Info Feature

Is the Admission Process Becoming a Hassle?

If you have been struggling with the complexities of getting admission to an American university, then you need to know about the great FREE tools available on our online‘ site. They are great for two reasons. First, they will simplify the process of applying to American universities for you. Second, they are free.

There’s no payment and there are no obligations even for students who haven’t enrolled for admissions counseling at Dilip Oak’s Academy. To use them, all you have to do is sign up and start using them. So, tell all your friends about them so they can benefit from them too! This week we will begin with the University Info feature.

University Info Feature

One long, painful but crucial job is searching university sites for information about their departments and courses. You have to find the right websites, sort through masses of information and try to find out if the university offers the courses you want.

Once you have decided to apply to that university, you have to search for the TOEFL and GRE institution codes so that ETS can send your scores to the universities (when you give the TOEFL and GRE tests, you have to specify the codes of 4 universities to which ETS will send the score free; also when requesting additional score reports be sent to other universities, you will also have to specify the TOEFL/GRE institution codes for the colleges and universities you want the scores to be sent to).

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place where you could conveniently locate all that information? Well, there is. It’s the ‘University Info’ feature on the online.dilipoakacademy site!

The ‘University Info’ tool gives you key information about the top 220 universities in America. Just click in the university name from the alphabetical dropdown list and here is what you will be able to find out:

  • the rank of the university/college
  • graduate programs offered by the college/university
  • GRE and TOEFL institution codes for the college/university
  • the website link for the college/university
  • general information about the college/university

In other words, you can use this tool to get almost all the required information centrally without browsing multiple sites or individual university websites.

In case you have any doubts related to the course and information related to that university, you can also post your questions in the Question & Answer forum.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and check it out!

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