7 Cool Services on DOA Online that will Give You an Edge in Applying for US Universities

Announcing the ‘Best Online Tool for Applying for an MS in the US’!

Here’s some terrific news for all of you who are applying for admission to US universities” – Dilip Oak’s Online, a fantastic resource launched by Dilip Oak’s Academy puts vital help at your fingertips.

DOA Online that will Give You an Edge in Applying for US Universities

Here’s a peek at what makes it so cool:

  1. US University Information and Document Checklist Feature – an invaluable list of the departments and courses available in the top 220 universities; included is a checklist to help you keep track of which application documents you have or need – get a check list for every university you apply to. This is a treasure trove of information all conveniently collected in one place! (Read more below)
  2. Question & Answer Forum – a community of advisers that you can turn to and clarify all your doubts relating to the admissions process for American universities (Read more below).
  3. Application Tracker – a handy app that allows you to monitor the status of your applications (going to apply, applied, admitted…) for every university – view the status of all universities on one convenient page (Read more below).
  4. Full-length Online GRE Practice Tests in the Revised Pattern – 4 are already available!
  5. Dilip Oak’s Blog – important news, advice and updates on standardized tests and student meets along with inputs from our past students and professionals in various fields – right on this site!

More exciting features are also coming soon:

  1. Online Admission Center Services – expert personalized guidance for every aspect of the admission process (Read more below)
  2. Visa Tips – help to tackle the last and most important obstacle – the visa interview! (Read more below)

1. US University Information Feature

Can’t find information about US Universities? It’s available – in the DOA Online site!

University Information Feature
University Information Feature

Cut your university research time in half by, selecting a university and looking up the departments, the programs available and the check lists for the top 220 universities. Why go to 220 different websites when you can simply sign up and get all the information here?

And if you find it difficult to keep track of which documents you have for which universities and which ones you don’t, the document checklists for each university will help you to see whether your set of application documents for every university is complete or not.

Also, get deadlines for every university.


2. Question & Answer Forum

Do you have doubts about US universities and admissions? Find out what you need to know right here.

Question and Answer Forum Screen
Screenshot for Question and Answer Forum

Our Q & A forum allows you to link in to a community of advisers who will guide you on all admissions-related issues – courses, universities, documents and deadlines and so on. Sign up, post questions and cut the confusion. This resource is what you need to get clarity.


3. Application Tracker

Is it difficult to keep which universities you are applying for and which ones you are not? You’ll find our University Applications Tracker so helpful. With it you can see exactly what stage you are at for all the universities you have selected.

University Applications TrackerThe Applications Tracker will help your application efforts get organized.


4. Full-length Online GRE Practice Tests in the Revised Pattern

Need good online practice for the GRE Test? Full-Length revised pattern mock GRE tests are just a click away.


  • full-length revised pattern tests – with essay section
  • detailed explanations for all questions
  • personalized feedback on your essays
  • scores on the new scales

Online Revised GRE TestWith the Oak’s Online GRE Tests you can prepare to be successful!


1. Online Admission Center Services

Does getting admission to a US university seem like a difficult task? Let the experts help.

So far, Dilip Oak’s Admission Center has helped 17,000 students to get admission to good US universities. With 15 years of experience in the field, we can guide you through the complex year-long process to the right university for you. Benefit from our expertise. It will give you a valuable edge as you prepare SOPs, transcripts, financial documents and in every aspect of application process. We are your one-stop shop for admission to US universities


2. Visa Tips

Worried about the Visa Interview? We’ll Help You Prepare

Being well prepared for the dreaded visa interview makes a big difference. We have years of experience in helping students get ready for the visa interview. We’ll help make the process smoother for you.

  • We’ll tell you the questions
  • We’ll help you frame convincing answers
  • We’ll help you prepare flawless documentation
  • We’ll take you through a mock interview

With our help you can have the confidence that comes with good preparation