Introducing Admissions News Feed & Roommate Finder | Dilip Oaks Academy Online

Earlier we had launched our new portal to help students applying for an MS in US – it’s called Dilip Oak Academy Online. It had lots of nifty features to begin with, but today we made it even more cooler with two cool new features: US University Admission News Updates & Roommate Finder!

US University Admissions News Updates:

Interested in keeping track of who is getting admits/rejects to which universities? Interested in finding which universities have started rolling out admission decisions? Well now you can get all the updates in your admissions news feed! (As long as you have applied to the University in Application Tracker).

University information for MS in US

Also if you want to get admissions updates for a given university? Check out “Admission Updates” tab under university info!


Roommate Finder

One of the many hard things to do while applying is to find other students who are already in your desired US university. Finding and meeting other students who are heading to the same US university as you are is another problem. Well, both problems have certainly become easier to solve now with out Roommate finder! As long as you have updated your application status you can find other students going to the same university as you are!


Roommate Finder | Dilip Oak Academy Online

We are hoping you would enjoy these features!

Tell your friends to join Dilip Oaks Academy Online (its free to join!) and update their admission updates. As more people join this app, it will get more and more useful! But, even now we have enough to make it really useful to you!

Let us know how we are doing, we love your feedback: